Thursday, September 19, 2013

Get the Best Profile Pics for Social Media

Social media goes beyond just making friends. Your social media profiles are the first thing anyone sees when they look you up online. Possible dates, friends and even potential employers will look up your social media profiles. While many people "clean up" their pictures on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, or even keep their profiles private, a profile picture and cover photo is always out there for people to see when they Google you. Too often people leave their profile pictures as simply cropped photos from casual photos. Even worse is having a picture of a cartoon character, their kids, or their pets. None of this creates the first impression a profile picture should make to those you may want to meet you in person.

It is important to have a profile picture that accurately shows who you are while still fitting into the size restrictions of most social media sites. Start by taking a professional looking photo of yourself using professional equipment such as photography backdrops and lighting kits, such as the ones you find at When taking a photo for use for profile pics, you want something that looks better than the common selfie. This is especially true for social networks such as Linkedin, where employers may see you.

You don't need the same picture for every site. For dating site, you would want a picture that brings out your most attractive qualities. For Facebook and Twitter, you can go more casual and friendly. For Linkedin you may opt for a more professional approach, wearing business-like clothing.

You should make sure your profile picture presents you in as neutral a light as possible. Never have alcohol or drugs on your profile picture or your cover picture. The same goes for extreme political or religious views, no matter where it may fall on the spectrum. Also, never put offensive or pornographic content in your profile or cover pictures.

Once you have appropriate pictures taken, you can use a program such as Photoshop to crop it down to an appropriate size as well as tweaking your photo's imperfections. Use Photoshop with a light hand so that it doesn't look like you have drastically altered your appearance.

Once you have your photos ready to go, upload them onto your various social media sites. Finally, be sure you update your photos every 6-12 months to give an accurate portrayal of yourself online.

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