Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wedding RECAP @ Colby Barn

Liven It Up Events was so excited to be a part of this DIY wedding at Colby Barn. The couple did an amazing job with all their gorgeous and fun DIY projects. Fragrant Design made beautiful floral arrangements that tied in well with the rustic space. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a delicious meal by Hel's Kitchen, and wonderful music by Just Press Play deejays. It was definitely a night to remember, and all those great memories were captured by Steve Koo Photography. Please take a look at some of our snapshots!

1907384_10152480812749464_6193600817186761816_n 10350615_10152480812369464_5075550084909228094_n 10356133_10152480811959464_3841463949045161542_n 10365905_10152480812069464_6495512559457745733_n 10382820_10152480813529464_4888513266567350535_n 10392551_10152480812914464_2345099683631553980_n 10394498_10152480812164464_1933406896405645478_n 10403454_10152480811624464_7759638775763505946_n 10404518_10152480812504464_7085538173005749423_n 10406959_10152480813189464_7079837026656284449_n 10417452_10152480813699464_7716926060559555183_n 10419517_10152480812824464_7692447498260608879_n 10433822_10152480811904464_8828172070026119139_n 10436207_10152480813129464_8629053314992953329_n 10444547_10152480813014464_2131290206535565289_n 10460730_10152480812314464_3939198829894611103_n 10462620_10152480813644464_6999352858122816683_n 10464207_10152480811769464_1207715828604295351_n 10464354_10152480812564464_8326430965436922664_n 10469698_10152480811729464_2333939371030280376_n 10478134_10152480813469464_5389634077217670924_n

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wedding RECAP @ Fulton's on the River

Liven It Up Events was excited to be a part of the amazing wedding at Fulton's on the River. The couple and guests had a fabulous time, and Fragrant Design did a beautiful job with the space. Liven It Up Events always enjoys working here and is looking forward to their new renovation.  After their transformation to River Roast, this venue will include James Beard award-winning Chef, Tony Mantuano and a beautiful new event space. Please take a look at some of our snapshots!

10347648_10152470111889464_7756992275352893568_n 10402663_10152470112154464_131186270686078401_n 10406564_10152470111899464_7788761634662784981_n 10440236_10152470112019464_4595120043612468246_n 10440846_10152470112089464_7791943153899823525_n 10447157_10152470111854464_7328305867413181846_n

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding RECAP @ Hyatt Regency O'Hare

Liven It Up Events was excited to be a part of this wonderful wedding at The Hyatt Regency O'Hare. Vale of Enna added beautiful floral arrangements that completely transformed the space. It was definitely a night to remember. Please take a look at some awesome snapshots from this fabulous wedding!

1912468_10152465593999464_7912411549302780724_n 10273552_10152465594579464_5890264238433266423_n 10307380_10152465594414464_1941610611044013891_n 10342405_10152465594354464_6752622425136596813_n 10366271_10152465594359464_7134295341296340120_n

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding RECAP @ Lincolnshire Marriott Resort

Liven It Up Events was excited to be a part of this wedding at Lincolnshire Marriott Resort. Vale of Enna transformed the space beautifully with their amazing arrangements. The guests enjoyed lots of great music and dancing by David Rothstein Music. Please take a look at some of the snapshots from this wonderful wedding!

1560388_10152452496094464_3687450630586459009_n 10300696_10152452496049464_8594199240029743599_n 10342496_10152452496254464_5135795817405279555_n 10363907_10152452496389464_1061493348110132046_n 10442440_10152452496139464_5051127710176331027_n