Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wedding RECAP @ Cafe Brauer

Liven It Up Events was excited to be a part of this wonderful wedding at Cafe Brauer. Kloeckner made beautiful floral arrangements that transformed the space for the ceremony and reception. Guests enjoyed a delicious meal by Entertaining Company, and then they danced the night away to great music by Okyne Medialab. Any last minute cravings were cured by the amazing cupcakes made by Swirlz. It was a night full of laughter and love, and luckily all caught on camera by Emily Gualdoni Photography and Poetic Productions Videography. Please take a look at some of the snapshots!

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wedding RECAP @ City Winery

Liven It Up Events was excited to be a part of this beautiful wedding at City Winery. Along with all the amazing features of City Winery, this wedding had some great DIY projects from the ceremony backdrop to the paper floral centerpieces. Everything turned out gorgeous! Please take a look at some of our snapshots!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wedding RECAP @ The Carlisle

Liven It Up Events was excited to be a part of this gorgeous wedding at The Carlisle. With their grand floral centerpieces, Yanni Designs did a beautiful job transforming the space for the reception. As the guests enjoyed their meal, they listened to some great music by David Rothstein Orchestra. The whole night was magnificent and will be forever remembered through the photos taken by Rick Aguilar Studios and the videos taken by Orange Films. Please take a look at some of our snapshots!

1604586_10152516317159464_4527216227157734088_n 10342767_10152516317154464_4314943072184411103_n 10352384_10152516317424464_7825820179580345526_n 10401939_10152516317289464_2652213989422927514_n 10403265_10152516332124464_2357396525773349817_n 10418465_10152516317519464_1916936335641381687_n 10444539_10152516317409464_1238881506658477987_n 10454451_10152516317259464_8606501624297793779_n 10462761_10152516317559464_2560046275030176983_n 10485528_10152516332109464_7970407603410891286_n 10489847_10152516317444464_6505378542634736897_n 10492056_10152516317349464_6519997001773239821_n 10492150_10152516317219464_96273134052310929_n 10516599_10152516317164464_8487334320855250172_n

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wedding RECAP @ The Palmer House

Liven It Up Events was excited to be a part of this beautiful wedding at The Palmer House. This elegant space was transformed by Yanni Designs for the perfect ceremony and reception. The guests enjoyed a delicious meal and a great band. Please take a look at some of our snapshots!

1535704_10152500922949464_714667484685277952_n 10251916_10152500923144464_953516893074457925_n 10299938_10152500923229464_8096891133335877515_n 10390457_10152500922989464_8887090153523656288_n 10450828_10152500923099464_2848073153416705769_n 10501834_10152500922954464_6829644807262711887_n