Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wedding Planning RECAP @ Trump Hotel Chicago

It is not often that the team at Liven It Up Events receives phone calls to help plan a wedding for under 50 people.  When we received this call from this couple, we were so delighted to learn more about what they were planning.  They were moving from Europe to Chicago and planning on having a destination wedding to Chicago with their closest friends and family.  The total guest list was right around 50 people and the perfect setting was the smaller ballroom at Trump Hotel Chicago.
The first part of the wedding we had to think about was the ceremony.  The ceremony space was not that large, however, the bride had a big vision!  She wanted a large circular structure that would make a grand impact as the guests came into the room.  Thanks to Alexandra and her team at Exquisite Designs, we figured out how to make that happen!  When we were all finished with the set up, we were all wowed!
10406418_10203629622513463_1224360088493086822_n 1526781_10203629622633466_3393782749531764597_n
The next piece to think about was what were we going to do for the escort card table?!  With only 50 place cards, we did not want to over power the table with anything too large, so we used a smaller round table and had a floral piece that was large, but not overpowering to the table.  It came out great!

The last item to think through were the table centerpieces.  With only 7 tables, we decided to do the same floral piece on all of the tables.  And this bride wanted to go big (which we love!) so we did it.  We went big on the arrangements!  These pieces were so great.  Sometimes, in a room where there are great views, people think to scale back on the florals.  We tend to think by adding some elegant florals and pieces to the tables, it only enhances the amazing views!

The final touch in all of this was adding on the pinspots to the centerpieces to make them stand out, and the uplighting completely changed the mood of the room as the sun set.  It was just stunning!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wedding Planning RECAP @ The Field Museum

We are no strangers to working in large venues in Chicago.  The team at Liven It Up Events is well versed in all types of venues, from hotels, to mansions, lofts, photo studios, floral shops, and yes, even museums!  Lets take a look back at this fun wedding we had Labor Day Weekend at The Field Museum.
When you have a space that you have to design for a wedding for a smaller amount of guests than what the venue typically holds, you have to be smart with your design choices.  For instance, The Field Museum can hold thousands of people for events.  We had about 150 people for this wedding.  So what we had to do was use the space wisely.
The couple married at the museum.  What we did was use the grand staircase as the frame for the ceremony.  Taking the architectural elements and fitting in what we were doing, you know, a wedding ceremony, right in the center of all of the grandness already there!
The next step in laying out a large room with a smaller guest count is to centralize the main activities for the evening.  From this photo, you should be able to see how we used the stable and non-movable elements in the room, the elephants mainly to centralize the dance floor and the guest tables.  It actually worked out great!10653491_10203487592842810_5446615716604354790_n10632708_10203487592522802_7545127815740140781_n
You'll see in these photos that because we were dealing with such a large space, we did use all taller arrangements on the tables to help fill the space above.  Phil at Kehoe did a great job pulling off this rustic fall theme the couple was going for!  it was gorgeous.
Finally, one of the most important parts to designing in a large room is the lighting.  By adding the amber uplighting throughout the space, it helped illuminate the space and make it fell warm and inviting.  Just a simple little trick that makes the world of difference!
And there you have it!  Another Wedding Planning RECAP by the team at Liven It Up Events!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wedding Planning RECAP @ Ignite Glass Studios

One of the most designed weddings we had this summer took place at Ignite Glass Studios.  Now, the team at Liven It Up Events designs weddings every weekend, but this wedding was designed from the ground up as you will see.
First, starting to think of this modern, almost cold stone feeling of a space, we had to think table top shapes and sizes.  We played with the idea of mixing and matching round and square tables.  Keep in mind, this might not work in every venue and sometimes, it does not work in a venue you might see in photos depending on your guest count.  Square tables actually take up much more room than you.  Thanks to Missy and her team at Blue Plate Catering, we were able to create a layout to make this all work!
10614175_10203448514065865_8907392817143715298_n That was the first design thought.  The next was what was to go on the tables.  We always love when we can see elevated pieces on the tables, along with a lower piece on the tables to create dimension and height in the room.  The team at HMR Designs, came up with these two great looks!  These fun lamps and this modern collection of florals and of course playing with color.  
DESIGN TIP:  When using a neutral base linen, add color in your florals.  When using a bold color linen, use more neutral tones in your florals!
10613022_10203448515185893_1342824345906469670_n10376313_10203448514105866_1194205978148383026_nOne of the other fun layers added into this wedding was a special seating arrangement for the bride and groom.  They sat at a sweet heart table (just for two!) and then they had special ottomans in front of the table if any of the guests wanted to come and stop by and say hi!  They also had a custom made sofa for them to sit on - because it was their day!
The final layer of design in this wedding was focused on the ceiling and onto the dance floor.  We had the entire ceiling draped in fabric and added three large sputnik chandeliers into the room.  Finishing off the design with a circular pattern being washed onto the dance floor.
1620872_10203448514545877_47799170025100667_nAnd there you have it!  Another Wedding Planning RECAP from your wedding planning experts at Liven It Up Events!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wedding Planning RECAP @ Elawa Farms

The team at Liven It Up Events is becoming quite the experts on barn and farm weddings!  We have seen the trend turn into a more common wedding venue selection for more and more couples. Being in an urban environment, we do not have any barns in Chicago that we can work in, so we find ourselves traveling into the suburbs for these couples and we love it!
This wedding was for a small group of people, 60 guests in total.  It took place at Elawa Farms in Lake Forest.  This is such a cute and quaint area and farm.  We were lucky enough with a small amount of guests, we could host the dinner in the barn!  But first, as the guests arrived, we had cocktail hour right outside of the barn which was so much fun!
Once we moved inside the barn, we were all set for dinner.  It was so much fun designing this set up as the couple wanted to use fun colors, coral and navy, along with using rustic elements, like lanterns on their tables.  We were able to do that by using the cross back chairs, colorful linens and rustic elements integrated into their floral pieces.
Missy at Blue Plate Catering, did such a great job with the food, served an amazing two course dinner.  Being that is was summer, we began the wedding with a watermelon and feta salad, and guests had a choice of beef or crab cake!
One of the best parts of working in a barn is there are always some fun props laying around.  the cake sort of looked lonely in the corner, but we had some extra lanterns and found some crates to dress it up nicely!
10635925_10203428750571790_3984953411755254067_nThis was such a fun and intimate wedding on a farm, in a barn!  Stay tuned for more Wedding Planning RECAPs by Liven It Up Events to come with more barn weddings later this year!