Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Wedding RECAP @ The Art Institute

Looking back at another fun wedding we had this summer at The Art Institute of Chicago in the Modern Wing.  This was one of Misha Newgren with Liven It Up Events' weddings where they had so much fun playing with color and more modern elements - fitting right?!
You can see for the ceremony, one of the most fun elements there was this unique colorful back drop.  Instead of just fabric or focal floral, the couple was married in front of this fun and unique backdrop!

Another fun element that the couple played with here was everyone had a different colored paper air plane on their seat for the ceremony.  After they were married, everyone threw the paper air planes into the air!  It was just fun and full of color!
Our pals Erin and Randy at Revel Decor helped create all of these decor elements, along with created these colorful and modern collections on the dining room tables!
And the cake said it all.  LOVE.  That is the one thing that sometimes we forget in all of the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding.  The real reason why we gather on these special days is to honor the life long love commitment to a couple.  It was just perfect!

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